Some things you may like to know before coming on a Sunday
  • Our regular worship service begins at 10am 
  • We have RFC kids club Sundays which release at the begining of the sermon to the end of the servie for chiden in k-5th grade.   
  • Please dress from casual to as formal as you prefer
  • Our worship music is a blend of contemporary and traditional
  • We are a small family oriented church
  • Child care nursery/preschool is provided at the 10am servise.  
  • We serve communion to believers every week
  • Any onther questions email our office or reach out to one of our Pastor/Elders. 
Some things you may like to know about life at RFC

Here are the nuts and bolts of RFC  

  • Biblical leadership: Elders are biblically qualified men appointed to preach, teach and shepherd the congregation
  • Deacons are men or women set apart by the Church to provide pastoral care and support to our members.
  • Expositional preaching: The Bible serves as the only authority over the church. It is God's inspired word to lead and guide the people of God.Each week we gather to hear the word of God shared verse by verse, with the main point of the text being the main point of the message.
  • Gospel centered worship: Our worship gathering is developed to Be a spirit led and God centered experience or we are gathered to sing the word of God, pray the word of God, see the word of God (the Lord's supper and baptism) and hear the word of God being preached.
  • Disciples making disciples: Christians are to be disciple makers. We gather together in community groups to pray for one another, to serve one another and to meet one another's needs. Also to study scripture together.
  • Meaningful membership: Members Enter into a covenant together. We agreed to hold one another accountable and to support each other during times of struggle and crisis.